The Most Stylish And Functional Dog Bed Ever Made

Leather is extremely durable, easy to clean and actually gets better with wear unlike traditional dog beds that break down over time. It is particularly great for dogs that drool, lick or just get dirty playing outside as it easily wipes down. Forget about having to launder your dog bed cover ever again. Oh and it is designed to look great your home because of course it should!

A Human-Grade Orthopedic Mattress For Your Deserving Fluffy Friend

A lot of consideration went into deciding what to put inside our dog beds. We weren't satisfied with the industry norm of questionable polyfill stuffing because quite simply our dogs deserve better. That's why we landed on a dual foam human-grade orthopedic mattress. The result is the best possible dog bed mattress to keep your fluffy friend happy and comfortable.

Every purchase helps a fluffy friend in need.

Your support of Le Dog allows us to support a new deserving dog charity each month. Thank you for helping us help our fluffy friends in need!

Care & Maintenance

Gone are the days of cleaning your washing machine after cleaning your dog bed. Heck, gone are the days of spending any time laundering your dog bed at all. Le Bed is easily cleaned with just glycerine soap and water. No washing machine needed! See our Care page for more information.

Our Mission

Proudly dog mom founded, owned and operated, our mission is to ensure every dog has the best possible place to rest and recharge. We also believe you shouldn't have to replace your dog bed year after year and spend loads of time in the laundry room. Le Dog leather beds are the product of taking both human owners and fluffy friends into careful consideration.

Our Fluffy Fans

Check out Le Bed in the wild with some of our best fluffy fans proudly modeling their new favorite crash pad.