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Designed to be the most functional and stylish dog bed ever made, Le Bed is in a class of its own. Recently recognized by Modern Dog as their 2023 Home Decor Pick as well as being featured Harper's Bazaar luxe gift guide and on CTV's The Social among others.

The Le Bed Difference

Le Bed has been designed to combat the pain points of traditional dog beds. It requires no laundering, is hypoallergenic, looks great in your home and gives your dog the support they deserve. Read below for specific benefits to dogs and humans. Everyone wins!

What Dogs 🧡

Dogs love leather, just ask anyone with a leather sofa and a dog. Lol. But seriously, they really do. It's for a lot of the same reasons you love your leather sofa. It's breathable, super soft, smells great and durable as heck.

Le Dog leather dog bed benefits that human owners love.

What Humans 🧡

Le Dog leather beds are easy to clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth. They don't hold odour or hair. They actually get better with wear vs breaking down like traditional dog beds and finally they look great in our homes, because of course they should!

A Human-Grade Mattress

Our dogs sleep around 14+ hours a day so what they are sleeping on is incredibly important to their longterm health and wellness. That is why every Le Bed comes with a human-grade orthopaedic mattress. It's by far the most elevated sleep experience and exactly what our dogs deserve.

The Le Bed Difference

Designed to combat the pain points of traditional dog beds, Le bed is in a class of its own. Traditional dog beds need to be replaced an average of six times over a dog's lifespan making them essentially disposable. Le Bed is designed to last which is better for the environment and your pocket book too!

Veterinary Testimonial

“Amazing investment for your dog and their long term comfort and health. I find that my own dogs (golden retrievers) love its comfort and size. The orthopaedic mattress is a game changer. It’s nice to give their elbows and hips the benefit of a soft cushion and a good sleep. To top it off the leather is durable and very wear proof”

Dr. Billy Hodges, Meadow Lane Equine Clinic

Le Dog Helps, Le Dog Company's Charitable Initiative

Le Dog Helps

Your support of Le Dog allows us to support a new deserving dog charity each month. Thank you for helping us help our fluffy friends in need!

Our Story

Proudly Canadian dog-mom founded, owned and operated, our mission is to create the most functional and stylish dog products ever made.