Hi, we’re Kristin and Cara - We couldn’t be more excited to tell you all about Le Dog Company. Here's a little background on us so you understand why we’re here. 

We grew up childhood friends in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We first bonded over our love for horses and have remained close friends ever since. As lifelong dog moms we couldn’t imagine life without our dogs. We’re currently proud mamas to Bowie a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy and Speedy a spoiled mutt terrier and are constantly thinking about how we can help them live their best lives. In talking one day about dog beds we realized we’d never come across a leather one. Our background in horses taught us leather was not only resilient but that it also gets better with wear. Bonus? Dogs also love leather; Just ask Cara about Speedy and her leather sofa! Well, the rest is history and Le Dog Company was born with Le Bed leather dog beds being our launch product.

First and foremost we are dog focused. What will make Bowie, Speedy and the rest of the world’s dogs the most comfortable and happy is what we obsess about. Of course, Le Bed will look great in your home, that was a given, but we also wanted to design a dog bed that took into account the human owner’s time and investment. In our opinion it goes without saying that dog deserve a human grade gel memory foam mattress! Le Bed is the product of taking both human owners and fluffy friends into careful consideration. We hope you and your pup love them as much as we (Bowie and Speedy included) do!

Each time you purchase from Le Dog Company, you help a dog in need. Le Dog Company pledges to serve the community and be a part of something bigger than itself. Having lived abroad for 15+ years has made us appreciate the Okanagan community more than ever. This is why each month we support a deserving dog charity. We treat each contribution completely bespoke; giving what will help the specific charity the most. Sometimes that may be a donation of dog food and sometimes that may be a Le Bed. Whatever they are in need of we are happy to help. Rest assured that by supporting Le Dog you are supporting the local dog community. Please let us know about any dog focused charities you believe in and care about. We'd love to add them to our list! Thank you for helping us help dogs in need.


Kristin & Cara


Cara and Speedy Kristin and BowieCara, Kristin, Speedy and Bowie Orchard