Top Tips on How to Keep Your Dog Cool During Hot Summer Months

Summers can be brutal for us, and for our furry friends, it can be even more challenging during the hot days of summer, pets are susceptible to heatstroke and dehydration, which can be life-threatening. That's why it's important to take steps to keep your dogs cool and comfortable during hot summer months. Here are some top tips that can help you out!

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1. Hydration Is Key:

One of the most significant risks of hot summers is dehydration. Dogs need cool and clean water all day long to stay hydrated, especially when it's warm outside. Always keep a fresh bowl of water to ensure your dog remains hydrated. If you're out for a walk, bring a bottle of water and a drinking bowl along. Encourage your pup to drink as much as possible during breaks.

2. Provide Shade:

Providing ample shade to your dogs is extremely important during hot summer months. If you have an outdoor space, make sure to set up a shaded area with a cooling pad or a wooden shelter. If you don't have any outdoor space, place your dog's bed somewhere cool and shady inside your home. Keep your curtains and blinds closed to block out sunlight and heat.

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3. Keep Your Dog Cool:

There are several ways to keep your dog cool during the hot months. One option is to use a cooling mat. Cooling mats are perfect for hot summer months as they provide an area for your dog to cool down and relax. Le Dog Company makes a leather dog bed with a cool gel memory foam mattress that helps dogs regulate their temperature and keeps them from getting too hot while getting the support they deserve.

4. Frozen Treats:

Frozen treats are also a great way to help bring your dog's body temperature down. You can make your own frozen treats that your furry friend will love or buy them at the store. Here's a great blog on how to make your own!

How to keep your dog cool in the summer. Early morning walks in the shade.

5. Avoid Peak Sun Hours:

During hot summer months, try to avoid going outside during peak sun hours, typically between 10 AM and 4 PM. Do early morning or late night walks. If you must take your dog outside during the day, try to keep to a shaded or grassy area. Do not leave your dog in a parked car.

6. Never Leave Your Dog Alone:

This is perhaps the best advice for pet owners, never leave your dog in a parked car alone during hot summer months. The temperature inside a car can quickly get very high, even on a pleasant day. If you have to take your dog with you on a car trip, don't forget to pack plenty of cool water and take frequent breaks to let your dog stretch and drink.

Keeping your furry friend cool and healthy during hot summer is an important responsibility as a pet owner. By following the top tips above, you can help your dog enjoy summer months comfortably and safely. Remember always to be mindful of your dog's situation, and if you notice any signs of discomfort like excessive panting or lethargy, take them to the vet immediately. Stay cool and have fun together with your furry baby!

Written by Kristin Postill

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