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Hi, we are Kristin and Cara, co-founders of Le Dog Company. We launched this premium dog brand in 2020 (everyone's favorite year!). We specialize in leather dog beds that are thoughtfully designed to be durable, easy to clean and look great in your home.  

Orthopedic Leather Dog Beds

Our orthopedic leather dog bed design is about taking the needs of both fluffy friends and human owners into account. Our orthopedic mattress has a cooling gel memory foam topper to keep dogs cool and comfortable. The high density orthopedic foam base relieves pressure points and keeps your dog comfortably elevated from the ground. In traditional synthetic dog beds the stuffing quickly compresses and shifts around so the dog is virtually laying on the hard floor.    

Here's a little background on us so you understand why we’re here. We grew up together as childhood friends in the Okanagan Valley in BC, Canada. We first connected over our love for horses and have remained avid equestrians and best friends ever since. As lifelong dog moms, our dogs are a beloved part of our family. Kristin is currently a proud dog mama to Bowie, a sassy Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. Whereas Cara recently adopted a spoiled mutt terrier, named Speedy. We are constantly thinking about how to keep our loyal companions comfortable, happy, and calm.  

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The Best Dog Beds

The concept of Le Dog Company was born this past summer. Kristin was getting a puppy and we were talking about the best dog beds we’d owned while pointing out all their problems. Like having to pull the cover off and spend loads of time laundering it. How the covers would get stinky and stained and get embedded with dog hair.  And how they were an eyesore in our homes.  Cara realized that the spot her pup loved laying the best was her leather sofa and she could not keep him off of it.  Dogs love leather for the coolnesscomfort and soft calming feel. A light bulb went off, leather dog beds would be the best beds for dogs! 

From our background with horses we knew leather was tough enough to stand up to heavy animal use, durable enough to be long lasting, comfortable enough for the most discerning fluffy friend and beautiful. The concept of introducing leather as a premium material for dog beds was sparked. Le Dog Company was born with Le Bed being our signature product and the rest is history.   

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Having a business that is literally about making dogs happy and designing something that is not only beneficial but also beautiful is a really rewarding experience. Our proudest moments are seeing dogs enjoying the Le Bed leather dog beds and their human owners appreciating the design element and convenient benefits. In fact one of our awesome customers made an IG story where they threw out their old stinky, hairy dog bed in the trash can and said they can’t wait to never wash their dog bed cover again. It was like, yes they get it!! There’s a pain point we’re solving for here; we’re not only helping dogs we’re helping people too. We hope you and your pup love the Le Bed as much as we (Bowie and Speedy included) do!  



Kristin & Cara

Written by Cara Cline

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