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Orthopedic foam dog bed benefits 

Are you considering a new dog bed, but aren’t sure what the real benefits of orthopedic dog beds  and memory foam dog beds are? And what is the best bed for big dogs?

Sure, everyone wants their dog to be calm, comfortable and cozy while sleeping, but are there true benefits to an orthopedic dog bed? The answer is yes, a high quality orthopedic dog bed can relieve aches and pains, inflammation, and improve mobility. But most importantly an orthopedic dog bed will provide your dog with an extra comfortable spot to rest and recharge.   

There is a misconception that orthopedic foam is only beneficial to senior  dogs or dogs with health issues; however, it will benefit dogs of any age. Its purpose is to eliminate any pressure points and is designed to provide comfort and support. While senior dogs may experience additional benefits such as chronic pain relief, dogs of any age will find an orthopedic dog bed comfortable and reap the rewards.  

In addition, a high density orthopedic foam will keep your dog well elevated from the hard floor.  Whereas, traditional dog beds can be filled with a variety of materials, often including polyfill stuffing, that easily compress and shifts around. Commonly dog beds with these types of filling allow your dog to sink through and end up with their joints and bones in direct contact with the hard cold floor under the bed, which can lead to soreness and discomfort.  

Memory Foam Dog Beds

 You may know memory foam from your own mattresses or pillows in your home, well dogs appreciate memory foam for the same reasons you do. In fact, memory foam dog beds are super comfortable because they mold to the shape of the dog’s body and weight, thus reducing pressure points and allowing for a restful sleep. Memory foam dog beds absorb the impact of the body, creating a calming and comfortable cushion that is great for keeping joints healthy. You can expect a soft, durable feel that offers support for aching joints and a medium firmness. Memory foam is also durable, long lasting and famous for its soft comfort. 

Dog Beds For Big Dogs

What about big dogs, how do they fit into this? Due to their size and weight big dogs are often more prone to joint issues and sinking through traditionally stuffed dog beds. For example one of the  best beds for big dogs is our premium orthopedic leather dog bed, which provides a high density orthopedic foam base and a 2 inch memory foam top. Combining the high density orthopedic foam with the soft memory foam creates the best bed for big dogs by giving them the foundation and cushion they need to stay healthy. So yes it's worth it, the best place for your dog to rest and recharge is on an orthopedic, memory foam dog bed. All dogs on the planet deserve to have the best possible place to rest and recharge. 

Memory Foam Dog Bed
Written by Cara Cline


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