Okanagan Dog Friendly Summer
1. Get Out

Go into the great outdoors with your fluffy friend on one of the many Okanagan trails. K, let's be real, with your bestest friend. An early start in the morning will ensure you and your bestie don't overheat. On the trail keep a keen eye for wildlife, and always have your dog on leash to ensure their safety.   

The Okanagan boasts many dog parks and dog friendly hiking destinations, but second to none is BX Ranch Dog Park in Vernon. It is absolute off leash heaven for 4 legged friends. The off leash dog park connects to the BX Falls Trail. So you can start with a romp and play in the dog park and then get after it with a hike along pristine BX Creek. The mature cedar rainforest creates a cool refreshing experience along the rushing creek. It is lush and shaded plus there is lots of cool fresh water for your dog to get a drink and cool off with. Truly a destination for dog owners looking to enrich their dogs' activities and get outside in the Okanagan.  

Check out Castanet’s article for information about the trail joining BX Ranch Dog Park to Moultrie Dog Park.

Spion Kop in Lake Country is also a large trail system that is a fave of our Founder Kristin and her pup Bowie. It has the absolute best views of both Okanagan and Kalamalka and Wood Lakes from either side of the mountain. It's a must on a summer morning or night. But just like anywhere in the Okanagan outback make sure to be on alert for bears and cougars. Packing bear spray with you is a good idea.

(Kristin + Bowie in hiking Spion Kop in Lake Country)

2. Treat Yo’ Dog 

So although there are many treats you could give your dog, the Le Dog Popsicle is by far the easiest, most delicious and thrifty treat. I created this recipe for my own dogs years ago and it is always a hit. In a few easy steps you can create the Le Dog Popsicle in your kitchen with a few dollars. Freeze high quality bone broth into doggie popsicles. Our favorite bone broth is Blue Bird Provisions, a rich and delicious organic beef or chicken bone broth full of collagen to improve gut health, joint pain and skin health.  

  1. Fill an ice cube tray with bone broth and freeze overnight. 
  2. Pop out of the ice cube tray into a clean bowl - although I don't guarantee your dog will politely eat them out of said bowl.
  3. Treat yo’ dog on a hot day.

Bonus these Le Dog Popsicles will provide your dog with the extra hydration needed on hot summer days.  

3. Wine & Dine 

Where better to wine and dine your dog than in the winery and foodie rich Okanagan. Go out to eat together at a dog friendly brewery or winery. 

Kitsch Wines is a East Kelowna winery making high quality wines and epic experiences for human owners and fluffy friends. This winery is dog friendly and all they ask is that you keep your pup nearby on a leash and clean up after them. They are currently booking open-air tastings daily till 7pm.    

Unleashed Brewing Co. in Kelowna is opening this July and promises to be a dog centered brewery hot spot. Unleashed Brewing Co. is determined to brew beers bold and strong like big dogs, and light and crisp like little dogs.

Although dog friendly patios typically have water bowls available for customers’ pups. It's best to bring your dog’s own collapsible water bowl so as not to potentially share germs with random doggos. Rocky Mountain Dog makes a collapsible bowl that will fit into even the smallest purse.   

(gorgeous view from Kitsch Wine at sunset)

4. Learn New Tricks 

Unleashed Obedience Training can take you and your dog’s skills to new levels.  They offer a variety of programs that will increase the communication between you and your fluffy friend. Their Recall Program offered in Lake Country will teach your dog to have the perfect recall skills no matter the distractions and will benefit a dog of any age. Obedience skills will make excursions with your dog more enjoyable for both of you!   

Learn some new enriching activities and fun tricks with Okanagan Trick DogsCertified Trick Dog Trainer, Shona provides virtual inspiration, instruction, and trick title adjudication to doggies near and far. You could even work towards a Novice Trick Dog Title! It's a fantastic way to enhance your dog's life and boost your bond. 

5. Dog Bed & Chill 

When the temperature heats up outside in the afternoons it's best to hit the dog bed and chill. Relax inside together and lean into those oxytocin doggie eyes over an episode of A&E's America's Top Dog hosted by celebrity dog trainer Nick White. Keep your dog comfy and cool on a Le Dog Company cooling gel memory foam leather dog bed, the ultimate comfort and support for premium pups. Pro Tip: Get the L/XL dog bed  - it's big enough for you to lounge on it with your dog. The best summer snuggles are just around the corner. Sounds like you will get through the dog dayz of summer just fine.  

(Movie ready baby Bowie!)


Cara & Kristin      

Written by Cara Cline

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