How To Style A Dog Bed | 3 Interior Design Tips

Ever wonder how to make your dog bed look more like it blend into your home decor? Whether your style is mid-century modern, modern rustic or contemporary you care about your environment and have carefully chosen what goes in it. Everything in your place is considered, but what about the dog bed? We don’t have to just accept that our dog bed will be an eyesore. Not only do our dogs deserve a stylish place to chill, we also deserve to have our home looking fab all the time and the stinky dog bed in the corner should never be an exception. We couldn’t agree more! Here’s our best 3 interior design tips for styling your dog bed and incorporating it into your home seamlessly. Trust us your dog and your friends and family will all appreciate it!

Le Dog Leather Dog Bed in Bone
  1. First invest in a dog bed that has a sleek simple look to it as a base. We love Le Dog Company leather dog beds because they can literally be styled however you want to match your space seamlessly, come in a variety of colors and are resistant to odor and hair. But if not leather, then go for something simple like grey or tan performance fabric, which are better at not showing leftover dog hair than a darker color like black or navy.
  2. Add a personal touch with a dog blanket to tie in your dog’s place with your interior design. We like to think out of the box on this and rather than search for a dog blanket, take a look at baby blankets. You’ll find more contemporary options and they are usually the perfect size. Usually dog blankets are cheaper looking however, we love this option from Le Dog Company for a rustic modern look that is sure to warm up any space. For a more contemporary option try this black and white striped blanket from Maisonette.
  3. Finish your dog's space by complementing the bed with a few other pieces that will make it feel grounded within your living environment. We recommend a seagrass woven basket to store their toys. Not only is it super handy it’ll look great behind your dog bed and will add another layer to your dog's space. Interior design is all about building layers after all! If you can believe it, we’ve seen some dogs who are actually trained to pick up their own toys and put them back in their bins, amazing! But no pressure on that one, lol. If your dog isn’t into toys, you can achieve the same look with a cute plant. We like this raised planter which will add dimension and height to the space. And always remember to check the plants you bring into your dog’s space. Some can be harmful to dogs if they ingest them.
Le Dog Company Leather Dog Bed in Bone


The most important thing is to have fun with it! Your dog’s space should fit into your interior design as seamlessly as they fit into your life. Have fun with it!

Written by Cara Cline


Hey there! I just found out recently that my workmate has a dog in his apartment. Speaking of, kudos for talking about the significance of adding a layer of a blanket to create a more comfortable interior for our pet bed. If I want to make sure he buys the right accessories for the dog, maybe I should share this information with him.

Amy Saunders on Dec 07, 2022

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