Fabric vs. Leather  | 5 Reasons Why You Need A Leather Dog Bed

You know the bed, we've all had it. It's fabric, the cover zips off and we're not 100% sure what's inside the mattress. Fabric dog beds are smelly, you have to launder them all the time, they breakdown needing to be replaced often and the stuffing all pushes to the sides making a concave place for your dog which leaves them sleeping directly on the ground. A typical dog owner buys at least 6 beds for their dog over the course of its life. Can you believe it!? We can because we used to be that dog owner. Well there's a better way. Insert, Le Dog Company's leather dog bed. It's truly the answer to this hot mess we've been dealing with all these years.

Here's five reasons why you need to upgrade your dog bed and simplify your life.

fabric vs. leather dog beds


1. Never Launder Your Dog Bed Cover Again

Fabric dog beds boasts how easy it is to take off the cover and throw in the washing machine. But what they don't tell you is what happens when you forget to dry it (come on we've all been there!) and your dog has to go without a dog bed that night. Not to mention the number it does on your washing machine. With the amount of hair most dogs shed, you'll absolutely need to run a cycle in your washing machine to clean it before you want to put any of your own clothes back in. A leather dog bed is one you'll never have to launder. Heck you'll never have to take it off the mattress. Simply clean it with a damp cloth. That's it. It's really that simple.

2. Leather Is Naturally Odour & Hair Resistant

Fabric dog beds collect hair. Hair that's worked its way into the fabric so deep you'll never get it out no matter how much your vacuum or launder it. They also hold odour. I mean, there's really nothing worse than a smelly dog bed in the corner of your living room giving off that wet dog stench we all know and don't love. Your leather dog bed will never have any of these issues. Hair just brushes off to be vacuumed up and it will smell like, well, gorgeous leather not wet dog. This is great for dogs who like to play outside and come in wet, drool or have long hair that just gets stinky. That stink will never transfer to your dog bed.

Le Dog Company | Naturally Odour & Hair Resistant

3. It Actually Looks Great In Your Home

You know the drill... the last sweep of the house before the company arrives. Everything is looking great, except the old smelly fabric dog bed in the corner of the living room. Quickly it gets thrown into the spare room or closet. With Le Dog Company's sleek modern design your dog bed can actually complement your living space. You don't have to sacrifice your personal style for your dog bed ever again, because of course you shouldn't!

Le Dog Company | The Most Stylish Dog Bed Ever Made

4. It's Durable & Long Lasting

The average dog owner buys 6 dog beds over the course of their dog's life. That's because fabric dog beds break down over time. The more they are used the more they wear until you need to buy a new one. Le Dog Company leather dog beds actually get better with wear. The more your dog uses it the more broken in and supple it will become making it the most durable and long lasting dog bed ever made. 

5. It Comes With A Human-Grade Orthopaedic Mattress 

Let's face it fabric dog beds usually come with questionable stuffing that bunches and pushes out to the edges leaving your dog laying on pretty much the floor. With the average dog spending an average of 14 hours per day sleeping what's inside our dog's bed is incredibly important, especially for larger breeds. It should be designed to support their joints, bones and help them live their longest healthiest life. Every Le Dog Company leather dog bed comes with a human-grade dual foam orthopaedic mattress to help support their joints, relieve pressure points, keep them elevated off the ground and even to help them regulate their temperature. It's the best possible mattress available for your dog and exactly what they deserve!

Sure, when you look at the price difference of buying a fabric dog bed and a leather dog bed, fabric dog beds will always be cheaper. But when you start to break down the benefits to both human and dog and the fact that it'll stand the test of time, Le Dog Company leather dog beds are a very sensible choice. 

Written by Cara Cline

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