Giant Dog Breeds | The Best 5 Products For Big Dogs

Thinking about getting a giant breed dog? Or maybe you already have one!? Either way you’ve come to the right place. We all know giant dogs such as Marmaduke, the Great Dane or Beethoven, the St. Bernard but when it comes to owning a giant breed the question is what do they really need? Giant breeds are like no other. Getting a +100lb dog means having the equipment that can withstand their size, strength and let's face it, drool… Let's have a look at the top 5 things you need as a giant dog breed owner. 

Best Products for Giant Breeds | Le Dog Company
  1. Goughnuts Ring Dog Toy 

You know what they say about big dogs… big toys. This virtually indestructible toy is made for big dogs. This rubber ring is made out of the same rubber used in spaceships and airplanes! Your dog will gnaw on this all day and it will still be in one piece by the time you get home from work (and hopefully your couch will be too lol). This dog toy has a lifetime warranty so if your big pupper manages to destroy it you’ll be covered! No more spending your money on toys that last less than a day! 

  1. Pet Zone Designer Diner 

No one wants to eat their breakfast hunched over and neither does your dog! With this raised dog bowl your dog can have their food right at their nose. This aids in digestion and reduces exertions on your dog's neck and back. This set of raised dog bowls is also adjustable to fit your dog's needs. The stand is a classic design that will look great in any home. No more messy dog bowl corner with this guy around! 

  1. Nutramax Joint supplements 

The reality is giant dogs need extra support for their joints. It is the unfortunate fact of owning a lovable beast but with proper help there’s no reason big dogs can’t live a long comfortable life. These supplements are easy to chew so you can toss them in your dog’s food and your pup won’t even notice. Plus, Nutramax is the number one vet recommended brand. These supplements aid in cartilage production and improve joints. Improved joints means improved mobility which equals more play time! 

  1. Blue Buffalo Dog Food 

Nutrition is key to living a long healthy life. Blue Buffalo has real meat as the first ingredient. You will watch your pup gobble up every bite. There are no grains, which means no gluten, to avoid any possible allergic reactions. Blue Buffalo dog food has an entire line of dog kibble specially made for giant dogs. You want to make sure that your dog is getting enough nutrition for its large size, Blue Buffalo will help with that. This formula supports an active lifestyle and supports the joint health of large dogs. Blue Buffalo dog food makes your giant breed have a shiny coat and a happy smile. 

The Best Dog Bed for Giant Breeds | Le Dog Company
  1. Le Bed Leather Dog Bed

What is better than a comfortable bed? That's right, absolutely nothing. Your dog will agree that being big means they won’t fit on most dog beds. Sleep is crucial to all living beings and an important factor in your dog living and long healthy life. Luckily, Le Bed Leather Dog Beds have a 6” human-grade orthopedic memory foam mattress. Your dog will never sink through to the ground and be sleeping better than you! This cloud 9 dog bed is designed to be supportive of your giant dog’s giant bones and relieve those nasty pressure points. Plus, we all know that giant dogs bring on a giant loveable mess. The Le Bed leather cover is super easy to clean. No more throwing smelly, fabric dog covers in your washing machine. Just wipe the leather clean and done!

Written by Kristin Postill


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