Why Sleep Is Crucial To Your Dog's Health

We all know that dogs need sleep, but did you know just how important it is for them? With the right amount of rest, your pup can live a longer, healthier life. Let’s break down why sleep is so important for your canine companion. 

The Benefits of Sleep

Sleep helps to regulate hormone levels in dogs, which keeps them healthy and happy. During the REM phase of sleep, their bodies produce growth hormones that help support muscle development and repair any damage done to bones or joints during playtime. In addition, sleep helps their brains process information and store memories from the day. Without enough rest, your pup may struggle with learning new tricks or remembering commands you've taught them.

Le Dog Company | Why Your Dog Needs Sleep

Just like humans, dogs also use sleep as a way to recharge their batteries after a long day of playing and exploring. As active animals, they expend quite a bit of energy throughout the day and need lots of restorative sleep in order to keep up with their daily activities. Without proper rest, your pup may become lethargic or irritable—no one wants a grumpy pup!

Did you know that sleep is essential for bone and joint health too? When dogs are awake and active, their bodies produce chemicals called cytokines which increase inflammation levels in their joints. But when they're snoozing, these same cytokine levels drop significantly—giving their bones and joints time to repair themselves without any pain or discomfort. So if you notice your pup limping after a long day at the park, chances are they just need some extra shut-eye! 

Helping Your Dog Get Enough Sleep

Encouraging your dog to get enough rest is simple; just provide them with a comfortable place to sleep each night (preferably away from loud noises) and make sure they're getting plenty of exercise during the day. Giving them a spot that is consistently theirs for sleeping is incredibly important as is a dog bed that gives them the support they need. Good news Le Dog Company leather dog beds have you covered with their human grade orthopaedic mattress.

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If possible, try to stick to a consistent sleeping schedule so that your pup knows when it’s time for bed. You can even give them treats at bedtime! This will help create positive associations with going to bed and make it easier for them to settle down each night.

Sleep is an essential part of any dog’s life—it helps regulate hormones, develop muscles, store memories from the day, recharge their batteries after exhausting play sessions…the list goes on! The bottom line is that if you want a healthy dog who’s full of energy and ready for adventure each morning—make sure they're getting enough shut-eye every night on a proper mattress that supports their joints and bone! With a little bit of planning and consistency on your part (and maybe some extra treats!), you can ensure your pup gets all the zzz’s they need each night so they can be their best selves every day.

Written by Kristin Postill

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