Decoding Your Dog's Sleeping Positions

Have you ever wondered what your pup's sleeping position says about them? From the classic snooze to the zen-like lotus, each sleeping position of your pooch can offer up insight into their personality. Let’s dive into decoding just what it is that your pup is really trying to say when they curl up for a nap.

Decoding Your Dog's Sleeping Positions | The Classic | Le Dog Company

The classic snoozer: Most dogs prefer to sleep in some variation of the classic snooze, whether it’s stretched out on their side or curled up with their nose tucked under a paw. This sleeping style usually denotes comfort and security, as dogs feel most at ease when they can keep an eye on the room and its goings-on while still being able to rest undisturbed. If this is your dog’s preferred sleep style, chances are they are confident and secure in their environment.

The zen-like lotus: If your pup chooses to sleep in the lotus position (front paws touching, back legs extended behind them), then it could mean that your furry friend is looking for some peace and quiet during his nap time. The lotus position offers more stability than when a pup sleeps stretched out on its side, so if you notice this pose while he takes a snooze it could be an indication that he wants some extra support while he catches some Zzz’s.

Decoding Your Dog's Sleeping Positions | The Burrito Wrap | Le Dog Company

The “burrito wrap:” A lesser seen but also cute doggie sleeping pose is the burrito wrap—when your pup wraps his body around himself like a cozy little burrito! This behaviour typically signifies contentment and overall happiness with his current environment and situation—and can even mean that he enjoys feeling secure enough to be vulnerable in front of you!

The side sleeper: This position looks just like it sounds; your pup will be laying flat on their side with all four legs extended straight out. This one tells us that your pooch is feeling relaxed and content — plus, it’s easy for them to get up quickly if needed!

Decoding Your Dog's Sleeping Positions | The Sprawler | Le Dog Company

The sprawler: This position is usually seen in dogs who are feeling particularly relaxed and secure in their home environment. When dogs sprawl out on their backs, it usually means they trust their surroundings and aren't afraid of anything coming after them while they rest. 

Decoding Your Dog's Sleeping Position |  Most Supportive Dog Bed | Le Dog Company

Figuring out what each of your dog's sleeping positions means doesn't have to be rocket science! While all pups display different personalities and behaviours, understanding how they choose to rest up can offer insight into how comfortable and secure they feel in any given environment. No matter what your dogs sleeping position a bed that offers the support they deserve is a must. Check out Le Bed from Le Dog Company. It's a human-grade dual foam mattress that will ensure your pup will always get the support they deserve resulting in not only the best rest possible but a long and healthy life for their joints and bones.

Written by Kristin Postill

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