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What is Le Dog Helps? Our charitable initiative that supports a new dog focused non-profit every month. Each time you purchase from Le Dog Company, you help a fluffy friend in need. Le Dog helps is close to our hearts as it is important to us to serve the community and be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Giving back to the dog community near and far has been a goal of Le Dog Company from the beginning. First and foremost we want all the dogs to be loved and comfy for all their days. We’ve pledged to help a deserving dog charity each month. We make each donation on an individual needs basis; supporting the charity in a way that is meaningful to them. Sometimes that may be a donation of dog food and sometimes that may be a Le Bed leather dog bed. Whatever they are in need of, we are happy to help. By supporting Le Dog Company you are supporting deserving dog charities. 

Recent Le Dog Helps recipients:

    Paws It Forward Dog Charty

     We are so happy to be building a community that gives back and be able to get involved with these charities. We’re very proud of the varying missions among them. For example Animal Food Bank operates on the principals of low barriers access to help, with the pets being their clients. The organization aims to drive change to allow pets to stay with their loving guardians and operates exclusively by donations and volunteers.  Le Dog Helps was able to deliver on Animal Food Banks request for dog food for various breeds and collars and leashes.  

    Jurassic Bark Rescue is a small dedicated team with the biggest hearts. This rescue organization offers refuge to senior and special needs rescue dogs. Often the dogs they take in have a variety of health issues that require extensive care and vet consultations. Le Dog Helps was able to donate a super comfy dog bed to Agatha, one of their senior/special needs dogs that was in need of some extra comfort for her arthritis and sore joints. Now Agatha is enjoying a Le Bed leather dog bed which has an orthopedic gel memory foam mattress to keep her as happy and comfortable as possible.   

    Social Tees Animal Rescue

    Likewise Paws It Forward Dog Rescue is an Okanagan based and  focuses entirely on saving dogs in need. At the time Paws It Forward was selected to be the March Le Dog Helps recipient, they had just rescued a very pregnant small dog that was in need of an easy to clean dog bed for her and her pups. Little Shasta turned out to be a wonderful mama to 6 healthy pups. Her foster pawrents were happy that the leather dog bed was easy to quickly wipe clean and that it didn't require any laundering. Paws It Forward started when two friends, working in a pet store, learned about the helpless animals being euthanized at high-kill shelters. Fast forward to today and Paws It Forward rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes hundreds of dogs in need each year. Plus they do not allocate any fundings to staffing, it's all volunteer labor and they use all donations directly towards vet care, supplies, transportation and dog food.  

    Social Tees Animal Rescue was on co-founder Kristin’s radar from her time as an advertising executive in NYC. They are a super cool foster based not-­for-profit, strictly no-­kill organization, operating in the East Village of New York City. They rescue animals from shelters where they are at high risk of euthanasia and provide them with safe haven and veterinary care before placing them with new adoptive pawrents. We were happy to be able to give some comfort to a Social Tees rescue dog by providing them with a comfy dog bed to rest and recuperate.  

    Please let us know about any dog focused charities you believe in and care about. Each month we will continue to choose a new deserving dog focused charity to support. We'd love to add them to our Le Dog Helps recipient list!

    Thank you for helping us help dogs in need. 


    Written by Cara Cline

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