Best dog bed for Senior Dogs

Memory Foam Dog Bed 

Getting old stinks. It is difficult to watch your dog and best friend age, but you can feel good about providing them a few simple things that keep them more comfortable. One of the biggest issues regardless of breed that senior dogs encounter is joint pain and arthritis. In a traditional dog bed the filling is generally a synthetic poly-fill, the same material that is used to stuff teddy bears and kid’s toys. Poly-fill shifts around inside these dogs beds causing the dog to sink through the stuffing leaving their bones and pressure points in direct contact with the hard floor. Memory foam which is often used in human grade mattresses can alleviate this issue keeping your dog’s bones and joints elevated up off the hard floor. An Orthopedic supportive foam base in conjunction with a  memory foam topper provides your senior dog complete support. The memory foam will mold around the shape of your dog's body for maximum comfort. One of the best dog beds for senior dogs is our Le Bed memory foam dog bed. Bonus: our memory foam dog bed has a cooling gel memory foam that helps your senior dog regulate his temperature keeping him comfortable.      

Senior Dog Eats 

Keep your senior dog healthy with a clean diet and daily light exercise. Exercise will keep your dog’s joints lubricated and supple. Plus, light exercise will also keep your dog reasonably fit and prevent him from gaining excess weight. An example of light exercise would be a short brisk walk or a free run at the dog park. It is important to keep an eye on your senior dog during exercise to make sure they don’t over exert themselves, which may cause stiffness.  

The more weight your dog has to carry on his body the harder it is on his joints and bones. Keep your senior dog limber with a clean diet; that means selecting dog food that has meat protein as the first ingredient. Meat protein is the most important component of your dog's diet, in fact approx. 30 percent of your dog's food should be lean protein. Consuming lean meat protein keeps their muscles and joints strong as they age and supports healthy weight. For example Blue Buffalo offers a dog food packed with high-quality ingredients. As well, limiting high calorie treats that cause bloat and inflation will keep your senior dog’s weight in check.        

Leather Dog Beds

Leather is better, ok we may be biased, but it’s true! Leather dog beds provide a whole host of benefits to both you and your senior dog. Our favorite benefit is that our leather dog beds require ZERO laundering and easily wipe clean. Senior dogs may begin to lose control of bodily functions and have accidents, which will simply wipe away. A leather cleaner and conditioner like the Le Dog leather balm will clean up after accidents, buff out scratches and regular wear and keep your leather looking fabulous.  

Best Dog Bed for Old Dogs


Have you ever smelled someone's dog before you've seen it? Yes, we all have.  You may not want to admit it but your senior dog may have a stronger, shall we say aroma, than in his sweet puppy days. Senior dogs do tend to carry more odor; bonus, leather will not hold odor! 

There is nothing more rewarding than making your beloved old dog comfortable while you can. The senior years are bittersweet but making a few small changes can make a big difference to your fluffy friend.  

Written by Cara Cline

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