How To Clean Your Leather Dog Bed | Easy To Clean No Launder Dog Beds

Kristin Postill
Find out how to to clean your Le Dog Company leather dog bed with these simple steps in an easy to watch video tutorial. Hint, all you need is a water, a sponge and a good leather cleaner. Get ready to never launder your dog bed cover again!
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Le Dog Helps | Donating Comfy & Easy to Clean Dog Beds

Cara Cline

Every purchase helps a dog in need. Le Dog Company is donating the most comfy and easy to clean dog beds ever to deserving rescue dogs.  

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3 Dog Care Hacks For Busy Dog Moms | Calming & Easy to Clean Dog Beds

Cara Cline 1 comment
Try a calming dog bed, that provides temperature control and molds to your dog's body allowing them to sink in and feel safe. For example our Le Bed has 2 inches of cooling gel memory foam that molds to the shape and weight of your dog's body, promoting the feeling of calm. If your dog doesn't have a proper comfy designated spot to rest, he may become restless and discontent.
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