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Let's get right into it and talk about a controversial topic, are dogs really better than kids?

More and more Millennials are opting for fur babies over actual babies. This may lead to the extinction of the human race but who can blame them? Dog ownership has all the perks of parenthood like cozy snuggles but is a lot less consuming of time, money and resources. In fact the hashtag #dogsarebetterthankids has 7000+ posts! So let's have a look into skipping kids and going all-in on dogs. 

Dog Benefits To Humans

Who is always there for you, no matter what? Your fur baby of course. Dog ownership offers so many benefits to us humans: 

  1. Unconditional companionship 
  2. Lower blood pressure levels 
  3. Increases Oxytocin - the love hormone
  4. Reduced stress and anxiety
  5. Keeps you active
  6. Increases social opps - “Can I pet your dog?”
  7. Boosts mood 
  8. And according to Hopkins Medical even keeps you young!
  9. Never ask for money, a car or a phone
  10. Always happy to see you no matter what happened 5mins ago
Fur children over kids

And then there are therapy dogs. They are godsend in a number of different settings and can truly change people's lives especially for those experiencing nervousness, anxiety, trauma or loneliness, a therapy dogs can offer much needed relief. However, there is no such thing as therapy toddlers as I'm sure some of you can attest! 

Fur baby birthday


Fur Baby Family

Parents spare no expense to make sure their children have everything they need and live a full enriched life. The same is true for dog-only parents. After all, dogs who are family deserve to be treated like it. In fact, $100 Billion was spent on the pet industry in 2020. You can now treat your deserving Fur Baby to life's luxuries like human grade cooling gel memory foam dog beds and trendy dog clothing like pastel sweaters and parkas. Dog parents are also throwing their dogs extravagant birthday's with decorations, cakes and even guest lists! From doggy daycares to dog only focused bakeries, there's an entire industry dedicated to helping our fur babies live their best life. For example, what is more important than giving your fur children the best dog bed to rest and recharge on? Our Le Dog Company leather dog bed gives dog parents peace of mind that their pride and joy is supported on a luxurious throne that is hair and odour resistant and made from super soft leather.

Dog-Only Parents Doing It Right

No living being on the planet is treated as well as the dog of a human who has decided to forgo children and have only dogs. There are many successful, happy, dog-loving, blissfully childless people who have doubled down on dog ownership.

Oprah and her fur children


Oprah for instance dotes on her golden retrievers, Luke and Layla, and cocker spaniel, Sadie. These dogs are famously well cared for and the pups reportedly are set to inherit a $30 million trust fund one day. 

"Dogs? What dogs? These are my fur children, and they always make me feel happier and more human." -Oprah Winfrey

Then there's the instagram account @ADogNamedKid which is outspokenly pro-dog and no kid. This account follows the life of a “Labradoodle boy splitting his time between Brooklyn and the NoFo. Kid enjoys swimming, fetching and dismembering stuffed animals. Born 10/29/11.” Just to be clear, this is literally a dog named kid and is treated as such and we love it!

Jennifer Aniston, is another great example of a successful woman who has opted to double down on her four legged kids. Her current brood includes Clyde, a Schnauzer mix, and Sophie, a white and black Pit Bull. And let's not forget Lord Chesterfield, a noble Great Pyrenees puppy, who keeps her life busy and full. 

Whatever your stance is on "dogs over kids" I think it's clear that if you do decide to go all in on your fur baby, there is a whole industry dedicated to helping you give them the best life possible but the most important thing to remember is to try and be the person your dog thinks you are!

Written by Cara Cline


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