How to Move stress free with a dog | best dog friendly moving tips

1. Familiarity is key

Keep your dog comfortable and calm with a dog blanket of their very own. Besides keeping your dog cozy, dog blankets are super helpful because once the blanket has the scent of your dog on it, it will bring them comfort, anywhere anytime. For example you can easily throw the dog blanket in the car or conveniently bring it with you while you're on the go between hotel rooms or unfamiliar spaces. Having a dog blanket with your dog’s scent on it will make unfamiliar locations a lot more comfortable for your dog. Our Le Dog Blanket is a cozy convenient size and will be your dog’s new favourite thing to cozy up with. Plus, the Le Dog Blanket is made in Canada and in partnership with our friends Modest Maverick from Vancouver Island. It is made from a wool polyester blend and is the perfect size at 30 inches x 30 inches to throw over a dog bed, a couch or the backseat of the car. 

2. Start crate training 

Using a crate is one of the best ways to keep your dog comfortable. Start using it early so they are comfortable and see it as their special "place". This may seem counterintuitive but during the moving process when the furniture is being moved out of the house, during the drive to the new house or even if you have to fly, your dog will take comfort in being safely in the small space of a crate. Being left loose or to roam free while the house is being packed up can create stress and anxiety in your dog. A crate with a few of his or her favourite items like a blanket or chew toy is the best stress free spot for your dog.  

3. When in doubt, distract 

Don’t underestimate the power of distraction during the stressful time of moving. Distracting your dog can be a useful tool. Move the focus and energy off the new places and new situations with a Kong ball. A tried and true favourite is filling up the Kong with peanut butter. This will keep your pup distracted and let him wear down some mental energy. 

4. Make a dog zone

In your new place create an area in your new house or even in a hotel room that is your dog's area pronto. Creating a dog zone that has all their favourite things and meets all their needs lets them know that is a safe spot to be. For example, put your dog’s bowls with food and water out as well as their toys, blanket and dog bed.  The Yeti Boomer Dog Bowls keep water cool, are dishwasher safe and non slip. Go one step further for your fluffy friend and get your dog on a calming dog bed. Our Le Bed leather dog bed has a memory foam topper that allows dogs to sink down into the foam giving them a safe clam feeling.    

Dog Friendly Moving Tips

5. Be your dog's BFF

You are the pack leader so your dog always is more comfortable and at ease when they are with you. This might mean bringing your dog with you on errands. As long as the weather is cool enough to allow it, your dog will be calmer to wait briefly for you in the car rather be left alone. Also, there are many stores and outdoor restaurants that are dog friendly these days. Do your research and take advantage of them! For example if you need to make a run for moving supplies into Home Depot they allow dogs in their stores.

6. Make sure they get enough exercise 

With all the stresses and things to do during a move it can be easy to forget to exercise your dog enough. As soon as you arrive in your new area find your local dog parks and off leash dog friendly hiking trails so your dog can blow off some steam.

Moving Tips for a Dog-Friendly Stress Free Move

7. Remember, buy new tags!

Pet Smart is usually easy to find in most major centres and offers on the spot engraving.  We recommend getting your phone number and dog's name on the tag as well as your own to give you the best chances of a reunion in the event your dog went missing.

Moving across town or across the country with your dog doesn’t have to mean extra stress. Follow our recommendations and it’ll be a stress free dog friendly move to your happy new home.

Written by Cara Cline

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