A Safe Thanksgiving for Your Dog

Kristin Postill
The holidays are a time for family, friends, and of course, food. It's busy to say the least and can be tough on our fur family. Here's how to keep your dog safe from table scraps, happy with extra company over, and make them comfortable after a wonderful but busy Thanksgiving Day.
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Giant Dog Breeds | The Best 5 Products For Big Dogs

Kristin Postill 1 comment
Thinking about getting a giant breed dog? Or maybe you already have one!? Either way you’ve come to the right place. Getting a +100lb dog means having the equipment that can withstand their size, strength and let's face it, drool… Let's have a look at the top 5 things you need as a giant dog breed owner from from indestructible dog toys to the best dog bed for large and giant breeds.
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Keep Your Senior Dog Comfortable | Best Memory Foam Dog Bed

Cara Cline

Leather dog beds provide a whole host of benefits to both you and your senior dog. Our favorite benefit is that our Leather dog beds require ZERO laundering and easily wipe clean. Senior dogs may begin to lose control of bodily functions and have accidents, which will simply wipe away. A leather cleaner and conditioner like the Le Dog leather balm will clean up after accidents, buff out scratches and regular wear and keep your leather looking fabulous.  

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