How To Clean Your Leather Dog Bed | Easy To Clean No Launder Dog Beds

Le Dog Company leather dog beds are designed to benefit both fluffy friend and human owners.

Dog love them because they are made of super soft leather that smells of well, you guessed it, delicious rich leather. They also love the human grade orthopedic dual foam mattress because it's about time dogs had the same quality mattress as humans do. The high density foam base keeps their bones and joints elevated off the ground relieving pressure points and sore spots while the cooling gel memory foam top helps them regulate their temperature and adds an extra cushion for maximum snoozing comfort.

Human owners love the durability of the leather and the fact that is gets better with wear unlike synthetic dog beds that breakdown over time. But the absolute best benefit is the fact that Le Dog leather dog beds require zero laundering. Yes you heard right, you'll never had to wash your dog bed cover again. It truly is a joyful dog owner miracle and one that we can all relate with. Especially if you have a dog that likes to play outside, aka all dogs, and track in all kinds of dirt and sand only to lay down on their bed for a post play siesta. 

Check out the video below to see just how easy Le Dog Company leather dog beds are to clean. Hint, all you need is water, a sponge and leather cleaner.   

Written by Kristin Postill

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