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Yes we all love our dogs and would do anything for them, but they come hand in hand with a few things that will make your toes curl, especially if home decor is important to you. Like a stinky old, misshapen dog beds, yuck.

Ever taken a last look around your living room before your guests arrive and spotted your ugly dog bed and sighed? Ya, we’re with you. Thankfully we have the answer with the most stylish and functional dog bed ever made. Le Dog Company leather dog beds are like a piece of furniture for your dog. They will fit into any space whether your interior design style is mid-century modern, modern rustic or classic contemporary. Le Dog Company dog beds are perfectly designed to complement your home and give your dog their own space that still looks stylish and provides them the support and comfort they need. 

Le Dog Company Leather Dog Bed in Bone

Here’s just a few reasons why:

  1. Aesthetically they have a beautiful architectural shape and honestly look like a piece of art in your home. The leather is super sleek and will complement any type of interior you have. They also come in a variety of colorways to choose from, the hard part will be choosing which one is best for your decor!
  2. Leather dog beds are odor and hair resistant which means they are anti-stink and hair simply brushes off to be easily vacuumed up. Unlike traditional dog beds that you need to throw in the washer and dryer frequently, Le Dog Company beds simply wipe clean with a sponge and water. For monthly conditioning use Le Dog Company Leather Balm to keep your bed looking absolutely fab.
  3. Each Le Dog Company bed comes with an orthopedic mattress with a cooling gel memory foam top. This not only keeps your dog elevated off the ground and reduces pressure points and strain on their joints, but it will also help them regulate their temperature.  
  4. The super soft leather is the perfect base for styling. Check out our post on how to to style your dog bed to have it seamlessly fit into your home decor. 
Le Dog Company Leather Dog Bed in Black


Dogs are an integral part of our lives but that doesn’t mean we need to give up our personal style in order to have them. Le Dog Company makes pet furniture that doesn’t comprise your home aesthetics. Allowing us to have our dogs and keep our stylish lifestyles because that is what we deserve. No compromising over here! 

Give us a shout with any styling questions or how to incorporate your dog bed into your space at hello@ledogcompany. 

Written by Cara Cline


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