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Dog moms are busier than ever these days, working from home. Obvi we can not live without our fluffy friends, so fitting their needs plus our needs into a daily schedule can be challenging. Balancing your dog’s needs around all day meetings and emails leaves your dog wondering, “what the heck, my mom is home, but why am I not getting playtime and attention? Why is my human staring into that screen all day? Is it mind control?” Below are a few hacks for busy dog moms.

Hack #1 - Keep Them Happy With a Calming Dog Bed and Exercise 

Try a calming dog bed, that is one that provides temperature control and molds to your dog's body allowing them to sink in and feel safe. For example our Le Bed has 2 inches of cooling gel memory foam that molds to the shape and weight of your dog's body, promoting the feeling of calm. If your dog doesn't have a proper comfy designated spot to rest, he may become restless and discontent. This often causes the dog to pace around the house, not knowing where he should be or what is expected of him during your working hours.    

You need to exercise. Your dog needs to exercise. Kill two birds with one stone and skip the gym for some outdoor exercise together. If you are picturing a 20 km run at 5am, don't worry that is not where we are going with this. Even being outside for 15-20 minutes of light exercise can boost the mood for both you and your dog. Taking 2-3 fifteen minute breaks throughout your at home work day to walk your dog around the block will help calm your dog the remainder of the day that you need to be inside behind your computer.  

Hack #2 - Secret Weapon

One dog mom hack my co-founder, Kristin and I have discovered for a rambunctious office pup is to give them something special that will occupy their time at the precise moment when that all important Zoom meeting starts. For example, Kristin often fills a hollow bone with peanut butter and keeps it as her secret weapon, giving it to her pup when she needs to buy 1 hour of uninterrupted time. Sometimes the secret weapon is even pulled out for time spent waiting in a vehicle or alone time for pups who worry or have separation anxiety to help keep them calm. Happy dog, happy life.     

Hack #3 - Save Time With Easy to Clean Dog Beds

Most importantly give yourself a break! Take advantage of the little things that will free up your time. Invest in an easy to clean dog bed that requires zero laundering, like our Le Bed. Reclaim the hours spent in the laundry room washing your dog bed with the removable cover. These dog beds are advertised as easy to clean, but they don't mention the time consuming task of removing the stinky, hair embedded cover and laundering it weekly; not to mention the damage it does to your washing machine. A dog bed that is easy to clean and maintain will take this laundering task off your to do list so you can get in that much needed quality time with your fluffy friend. You don't have to get to the dog park, take 15 minutes in between Zoom meetings to play tug a war with your dog giving you both a mental break.      

The silver lining of this pandemic is that we all got to spend a lot more time with our dogs. However, there are challenges working from home with your fluffy friend. You don't have to over do it, the fact that you love your dog is what matters most. Not all dog moms are “Pinterest dog moms” some of us are “Amazon prime dog moms” and that is ok.     

Written by Cara Cline


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Calming Dog Bed on Sep 21, 2022

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