3 Dog Care Hacks For Busy Dog Moms | Calming & Easy to Clean Dog Beds

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Try a calming dog bed, that provides temperature control and molds to your dog's body allowing them to sink in and feel safe. For example our Le Bed has 2 inches of cooling gel memory foam that molds to the shape and weight of your dog's body, promoting the feeling of calm. If your dog doesn't have a proper comfy designated spot to rest, he may become restless and discontent.
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Do Orthopedic and Memory Foam Dog Beds Live Up To The Hype?

Cara Cline

  Orthopedic foam dog bed benefits  Are you considering a new dog bed, but aren’t sure what the real benefits of orthopedic dog beds  and memory foam dog beds are? And what is the best bed for big dogs? Sure, everyone wants their dog to be calm, comfortable and cozy while sleeping, but are there true benefits to an orthopedic dog bed? The answer is yes, a high quality orthopedic dog bed can relieve aches and pains, inflammation, and improve mobility. But most importantly an orthopedic dog bed will provide your dog with an extra comfortable spot to rest and...

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Say Hello to Le Dog Company and the Best Leather Dog Beds

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Learn about why Kristin & Cara, dog moms and female founders, started Le Dog Company specializing in leather dog beds with orthopedic cooling gel memory foam are durable, odor and hair resistant, long lasting and look beautiful in your home.

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